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Extra Deep

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Options for every Raised-bed frame and Mini-greenhouse.

There are many considerations for choosing which version is right for you. Root depth is priority one.

Installing a raised-bed frame directly on the ground offers unlimited root depth. In this situation, choosing between a Standard or Extra Deep frame hinges more on your artistic taste (landscape artists and decorators may consider the ratio of "frame to plant height" a critical factor) or your desire to have a higher garden for convenience.

Growing deep-rooted plants when the soil is heavy-clay, very sandy or poorly drained, the Extra Deep version is recommended to give plants plenty of growing medium. The Standard height can be used for shallow-rooted plants.

No matter where you want to grow be it a balcony, on a concrete slab or rocky soil, on a deck, in sandy soil or heavy clay, in rich top soil, or elevated to waist high, we have a solution for you. The Standard or Extra Deep frames give you the flexibility to choose the right depth for your needs.


A good rule of thumb to follow is to allow a minimal depth of:

8 - 10 inches for tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip greens, beans and cucumbers.

4 - 6 inches for shallow-rooted crops such as herbs, radishes, peppers, turnips, beets, onions, lettuce, some varieties of cabbage, and dwarf carrot varieties.


Adding a flower bed, herb garden, or vegetable garden for easy access or as an accent is no longer limited to traditional small pots and tubs. When creating a container garden the more DEPTH the better. The deeper soil holds more moisture and nutrients for the plants.

First, determine what you want to grow. Then select a version most suitable for your needs and make sure the patio or balcony can support the weight! Line the frame with landscape fabric, fill with your growing medium, add seeds or plants and enjoy!

Many seed companies offer plants specifically for container gardens. Carrots with 4" long roots, determinate tomato plants that stop growing when they starting producing fruit, bush type vegetable plants that produce large yields from a compact plant.

Scour your seed catalogs, write or email them for suggestions or talk to your local coop extension office for information or recommendations!


Standard 5.25" high versions are great for:
  • Raised beds over good soil
  • Flowers less than 3 feet tall
  • Building a sandbox
  • Container garden for shallow rooted plants
  • Indoor seed starting flat protection
  • Elevated gardening of shallow rooted plants
  • Cold frame for hardening off indoor grown plants


Extra Deep 10.5" high versions are just what you need for:

  • Drainage problems
  • Elevated vegetable garden
  • Poor or rocky soil
  • Container Gardening on a patio or balcony for deep rooted plants
  • Higher soil surface for convenience
  • Flowers 3 foot or taller (aesthetics, frame vs flower height)